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What do I do?

I seek holistic methods in order to get your body back into balance. My goal is to help you gain a better knowledge of your health and health processes toward increased self-care and improved daily living. My hope is that I can educate you on how to lead a healthy, energetic, happy, and overall better life. 

McCurdy Health and Wellness provides the following services: 
  • Microscopic Cellular Blood Analysis
  • Foot Bath Detoxification
  • Organ and Body System Balance 
  • Weight Loss Consultations  
  • Supplement Guidance

I became certified as a live and dry blood analyst in August 2014 from Neogenesis systems. I have also successfully completed courses in Clinical Nutrition & Holistic Health from The Academy of Natural Health Sciences. 
I am not a medical doctor. I do not consult for medical, diagnostic, or treatment procedures. The services performed are at all times to help you gain a better knowledge of your health and health processes toward increased self-care and improved daily living. I may discuss and/or sell foods, supplements, and herbs as they pertain to the whole body concept of health, and not in the context of any specific disease, ailment, or condition. 

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What Is Live Blood Analysis? 

Live blood analysis (LBA) is the analysis of living blood under a microscope connected to a camera. The condition and quality of your red blood cells have a direct impact on your present and future health, with stress and imbalances appearing in the blood years before they manifest in the body. Live blood testing enables one to see your blood exactly as it behaves inside your body, giving a clear picture of your health at a cellular level. When you see your LBA for the first time, you realize that there is incredible dynamic activity taking place within you, and you can begin to better understand the specifics that need to be addressed without guessing. 

Your blood is your river of life. It transports oxygen, nutrients and other life-giving agents to all the cells of your body. It also removes cellular waste from your cells to the liver or kidneys for elimination from the body. Unhealthy blood can resemble a swamp due to poor diet, chemicals, and emotional stressors. Harmful bacteria and microorganisms can feed off these toxins, increasing your risk for disease. 


It is amazing what the body can do for itself when it is in balance! Often times, things like yeast, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals, acidity, etc, get in the way of the bodies ability to take care of itself and keep it in balance. Once these things are removed from the system, the human body does an incredible job of repairing itself.

The test is carried out by obtaining a drop of blood from a fingertip using a sterile lancet. The first sample of blood is placed on a microscope slide, covered with a coverslip to prevent drying, and immediately observed under the microscope. A second drop of blood is placed on a different slide and set aside to dry for viewing after the first sample. The microscope allows for an almost three-dimensional look at the blood. A video camera is hooked up to the microscope so that you may watch the entire procedure on a monitor. You will be able to see the activity of your blood on the screen, the red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and what is floating in the plasma, like bacteria, yeast fermentation, crystals, plaque, and more.

My Story

I violently awoke from sleep, to a thrusting pain in my chest. I was 6 years old, with the pain tolerance of an army vet. Sleepless nights filled with coughing (maybe hacking would be a better term), wheezing, and chest pain, had unfortunately become common. Unless you have experienced it yourself, it is impossible to explain the fear that rushes through you when it takes everything within your body just to get oxygen to your lungs. I vividly remember holding back the tears of terror because I knew if I started to cry I would completely stop breathing.

After a couple nights of this nightmare, my mom took me to the doctor. I was told that I had pneumonia and was sent home with antibiotics. When the symptoms did not resolve themselves, mom packed me up for the doctor’s office again. After many hours and much testing, I was diagnosed with asthma. Finally, an answer as to why I was suffering from so much pain and terror. I remember the first time I tried my fast acting inhaler when I couldn’t breath. I could see the clouds part, as the angel’s appeared and started singing their melody. After many sleepless nights, I was finally getting some well-needed rest.
Things started out good. I had my fast acting and preventive inhaler – all was good in the world. Years had passed and I had started participating in sports. Remember the pain tolerance of an army vet I was talking about earlier? I really enjoyed participating in sports but the pain I was enduring was really putting a hamper on the fun. Every practice I would sneak my inhaler three times an hour and hide the pain from everyone. 
Moving on to high school, things only progressively got worse. Every two months I would have what I called an “asthma cold”. An emergency inhaler was of no use to me. Sleepless nights of hacking, wheezing, chest pain and crying of utter terror would last for at least two days. After a year of these “asthma colds”, my parents decided something needed to be done. We went back to the doctor, who sent me to a pulmonary specialist. As I walked up to the hospital doors I remembered being filled with complete excitement. I was ready for some answers as to why I was suffering so much. As I met with my doctor, and explained my situation to her, she decided to have me return the next day for testing. All right! I was on my way to get some answers! I returned the next day ready to take on whatever they threw at me. If only I could have held that excitement through the whole day. I followed the nurse down the hallway and into a cold, white room. She had me enter what I believed to be a very small rocket ship. For the next hour I did nothing but breathing exercises. It took a whole 5 minutes into the testing for me to start wheezing heavily. Unfortunately, they made me continue on for what I remember to be the most painful hour of my life. They ended the testing with a heavy dose of Albuterol (fast acting inhaler)! Hallelujah!! Once the nurse was satisfied, she walked me into another room to go over the results with my doctor. Not being impressed with my results, the doctor decided to add more medication to my regimen. I was now on Albuterol, Intal, Advair, Nasonex, and Singular. As I walked out of the hospital, I was lifeless. I had nothing left in me after all the testing, but I thought to myself, “If I no longer have to suffer from pain, this will all have been worth it.”
After taking my new prescriptions, things were going great. It didn’t last though. I was quickly put on stronger doses of steroids and more prescriptions. It didn’t take long for my health to completely head south. I whizzed through college, spending most of my time either sleeping or studying. Unfortunately, after graduating from college, I could no longer sleep my way through life. I got married one month after graduation and dived into the work force. Being a productive member of society became a very difficult task for me. Not only was I suffering from a severe case of asthma, I would awake with a migraine and retire with a migraine. It took everything in my power not to leave work at noon, just so I could go to bed for the day. Drinking water or eating lettuce would leave me running for the bathroom. To top it all off, I was starting to suffer from heart palpitations. It was quite obvious that there was something severely wrong with me, but what?!? I had been going to the medical doctors for years with no success. I had felt helpless!
Thankfully, my husband’s parents were there to guide me. Having dealt with major health issues in their past, they knew exactly what I was going through. They took me to a Live Blood Analyst. Little did I know, this was the beginning of a life changing experience for me. After traveling four hours into Canada, we had finally arrived. I was a little skeptical that someone could take just one drop of my blood and tell me what was wrong with me. Feeling completely hopeless and left with no other options, I entered the office doors.
Without telling the analyst a thing about me, she read my blood as if she was reading me like an open book. She knew exactly how I was feeling without a smidge of information from me. After determining where my symptoms were coming from, she put me on a supplement plan. Two days after following the supplement plan, my migraines were gone. One week after following my supplement plan, my digestive issues, fatigue, and heart issues had subsided. Two months after following the supplement plan, I was off of all my medications except my fast acting inhaler. I had felt human again! Although I was still suffering from a minor case of asthma, I felt great.
Going through that experience had sparked a fire within me! Although I had gone to college for Business Administration, I knew that a huge life change was in my future. Knowing that there were many people out there suffering, just like I was, I felt that I needed to become a Live Blood Analyst.
Suffering from asthma was a gift from God to me. If I had never been so sick, there would not have been a reason to seek out holistic modalities. If I had never been so sick, Live Blood Analysis would not have taken over my entire being. If I had never been so sick, I would not have become so passionate about helping others. It’s fun looking back to see how God had so meticulously mapped out my life for me. As I do Live Blood Analysis for others, I know he is with me, guiding me as I go.